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When? 17.11.18 - 18.11.18 09h00-17h00 Where? Mudam Luxembourg – Musée d'Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean 3, Park Dräi Eechelen L-1499 Luxembourg-Kirchberg


Art Square Lab


17.11 & 18.11.2018, 09h00–17h00

Mudam Luxembourg

Fee: 40 € (including lunch and materials)

Booking required

Organiser: Art Square Lab

Saturday, 17.11.2018

Problem Space
Warm up, Introduction to the process and team up. Defining the design theme. On the street! - user research. Lunch, Persona and Customer Journey Mapping. Coffee Break. Defining the challenge.

Sunday, 18.11.2018

Solution Space
Ideation and validation of ideas. Rapid prototyping. Testing. Lunch. Final pitches. Farewell drinks.

48 hours Design Jam

48 hours to work together, experiment, and develop new user experiences inspired by a common theme: this is the design process of Design Thinking offered by Art Square Lab during the last weekend of Design City at Mudam.

What is a Design Jam?

Regardless of previous experience, people interested in creating services, whether public or private, are encouraged to come and work together on developing ideas and tangible designs.

What is the outcome of a Design Jam?

The main idea behind the Jam is to share knowledge, to experience a design process centred on user experience, and to have a good time. And while projects from past Jams have led to the creation of some startups, this one does not focus on devising achievable projects to be implemented straight after the event.

What is Art Square Lab?

Art Square Lab is Luxembourg’s first service design agency. It uses creative methods such as Design Thinking to devise services that ensure optimal user experience in any field.

Co-creation enables them to connect brands with their clients, citizens with their cities, and users with services. Users are thus at the heart of the fieldwork. They are then encouraged to build and test prototypes.

Art Square Lab understands the human component specific to each service. Its facilitation skills make it possible for them to share their creative talents through various courses offered to the public.

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