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Hands On. Crafting Serenity in Design

When? 05.11.18 18h30 Where? Mudam Auditorium 3, Park Dräi Eechelen L-1499 Luxembourg-Kirchberg


Screening organised by Chambre des Métiers

05.11.2018, 6.30pm, Mudam Auditorium
Roundtable with director Marco Sweering

Directed by Marco Sweering. Produced by Emmanuel Babled & Marco Sweering. Created by Simon Bertheux, Yulia Kryazheva, Nick Welsh & Marco Sweering. Year: 2017. Duration: 30 min. Language: Original language, English subtitles.

By invitation only. For further information: contact@cdm.lu

Organiser: Chambre des Métiers


Hands On. Crafting Serenity in Design

Hands On. Crafting Serenity in Design examines the role that handicrafts play in contemporary design culture. Screening and roundtable with film director Marc Sweering.

Throughout history, craftsmanship has been an essential part of our lives. Manifested in local products, techniques, and practical knowledge, it has also helped us to stay grounded and connected. But now, in an era where mass-production has almost entirely replaced traditional skills, we have started to realise what humanity is losing.

We accompany designer Emmanuel Babled as he travels across Europe, looking at the many facets of this challenge. How can new technology and tradition be combined in a meaningful way? Is it possible to make such methods of production sustainable on a social and ethical level? And if so, what is the way forward?

Marco Sweering launched his career as a photographer in central Amsterdam, working for high profile car magazines, fashion journals, and various newspapers. Ten years ago, Marco expanded his career into film, applying his knowledge and expertise from photography, and has since created numerous documentaries, commercial, and promotional works.

Hands on. Crafting Serenity in Design, video still © Marco Sweering
Project Partner Chambre des Métiers