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Gilles Gardula

When? 26.10.18 - 04.11.18 14h00-18h00 Where? Pop-Up Space Hollerich 15A, rue de la Fonderie L-1531 Luxembourg




26.10 – 04.11.2018, 14h00-18h00

Pop-Up Space Hollerich

15A, rue de la Fonderie,



26.10.2018, 18h00-20h00

Sustainability by design!

Following the exhibition INTRO_ design at the Galerie Beim Engel in Luxembourg City, DESIGNED is the occasion to rediscover the key pieces created by Gdesign, a blooming design studio founded by Gilles Gardula in 2013.

Gdesign is a design studio specialising in industrial design, creating products in auto-edition or by outsourcing them to craftsmen and businesses wishing to benefit from a professional artistic vision for their company and/or products. Each product can then be sold in the online g-shop, as well as in a number of showrooms.

Being a truly polyvalent design studio, Gdesign also creates scenographic pieces for exhibitions, showrooms, and restaurants, as well as circus objects.

With his studio, Gilles Gardula tries to innovate by exclusively producing objects that are respectful of the environment. They are eco-friendly, sustainable, and local. These principles of conceiving objects allow him to reduce production chains and to invest in Luxembourg’s local craftsmanship, thus helping to keep this know-how from disappearing completely.


Après l’exposition INTRO_design à la Galerie Beim Engel à Luxembourg Ville, DESIGNED est l’occasion de retrouver les pièces phare du jeune studio Gdesign, créé par Gilles Gardula en 2013.

GDesign, Pimpampel, 2016 © Photo: Dany Francisco