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Designathon City Challenge - Cancelled

When? 10.11.18 - 11.11.18 09h00-17h00 Where? Lycée des Arts et Métiers 19, Rue Guillaume Schneider L-2522 Luxembourg



This event has been cancelled!

Get ready for a weekend with a healthy dose of fun and great design experiences!
The goal of this event is to practice collaborative and creative methods to design solutions around City Experiences.
First there is a conference to get inspired then there is the Designathon to make it happen.


During the Conference on Saturday morning, specialists will talks about themes like:

  • Design Thinking
  • Human Centered Design
  • Blockchain
  • Smartcities
  • The UN Sustainable Development Goals


Following the launch conference, starting in the afternoon the Designathon will run for the rest of the weekend.

Everyone is welcome!

Come and form mixed teams of designers, coders, students and professionals to collaborate on a challenge to improve living and working in the city - whilst learning new skills to problem solve in a playful and creative way.

10.11 09:30-12:30 followed with a network lunch

10.11 14:00-18:00 & 11.11 09:00-15:00

Lycée des Arts et Métiers
Luxembourg - Limpertsberg

Fee Conference + network lunch: 25€ - 5€ students
Fee Conference & Designathon: 40€ - 25€ students

Students, professionals or visitors, please register on the website:
designathon.lu / info@designathon.lu

Organised in collaboration with:
Design City LX Festival 2018
Clarence Concept sarl
LëtzBlock asbl - Luxembourg Blockchain & DLT Association
Lycée des Arts et Métiers
HPI School of Design Thinking
Telindus Telecom
Alumni Stanford Club Luxembourg
Creative Industries
Cluster ICT Cluster

Project Partner Design City Organised by Clarence Concept and Alumni Stanford Club Luxembourg and Cloostermans and Creative Industries and HPI School of Design Thinking and ICT Cluster and LëtzBlock asbl - Luxembourg Blockchain & DLT Association and Lycée des Arts et Métiers and SCRIPT and Sensity and Telindus Telecom