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27.04.2016 - 28.08.2016

Opening 29.04.2016, 7pm
As part of the event:
Food ≠ Art ≠ Design
La vérité est dans l’assiette

@ Mudam Luxembourg:

Designed for the International Design Biennial in Saint-Étienne, this interactive sound installation allows the visitor to explore the relationship between space, form and sound. Acoustic Pavilion is an interactive exhibition in which visitors themselves create their own listening device by fabricating structures. Using a network of pipes, everyone has the opportunity to create long, short, straight or angular structures and hear how the sounds evolve through conical tips. Indeed, the ABS pipes are excellent acoustic conductors and their amplification quality is surprising. Through experimentation, it becomes possible to discern the acoustic properties that the different forms induce.

The role of sound in design was explored by the composer and architect Iannis Xenakis. Sensitive to the relationship between shape and sound in the field of architecture, he created many structures that are remembered as much for the sounds they emitted as for their visual appearance. Of particular note was his Philips Pavilion (created in collaboration with Le Corbusier for the 1958 Brussels World Fair) that was based on an amazing spatial sound system. Here it is the turn of the architecture of I. M. Pei to tackle this exercise and reveal the sound of its spaces.

Born in Tokyo in 1980, Yuri Suzuki is a multidisciplinary artist: designer and sound artist, composer of electronic music, he is most known for his sound works.


© Photo: Sterland

Exhibition: 27.04.2016 – 28.08.2016,
except: 09.06.2016 – 11.07.2016

Exhibition produced by the City of Design at the Saint-Etienne International Design Bienniale in 2015.