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13.05.2016, 2PM-8PM

If you are curious about design, our ‘open-house’ day will give you the chance to discover and explore the designers’ creative world.

Participants: Anne-Marie Herckes, Mik Muhlen / Omniscientbeing, Stina Fisch; Bamhaus; Claudia Eustergerling; Julie Conrad; deFact studio; george(s); granduchy; Kinlake; Maison Moderne; Nyuko; Raoul Gross Design Studio (RGDS); Studio Polenta; Vol(t)age Boutique – Atelier

Anne-Marie Herckes, Mik Muhlen / Omniscientbeing, Stina Fisch

Presentation of the respective works.
Sample Sale of accessories and silkscreen posters.
Apéro in the evening.

26, rue Michel Rodange
L-2430 Luxembourg
+352 691 782 594


© Photo: Mudam Luxembourg

Ben Barnich, Max Dauphin, Steve Gerges, Petrit Jung, Christian Muno, Giacomo Piovan, Antti Pirskanen, Cliff Ross, Kathelijne Schaaphok, Nina Schaeffer, Myriam Schiltz, Raoul Schmitz

Open and interactive tour of the creative platform.
Discovery of locals and professionals.
Involvement of visitors in the topic: How to shape the creative community.

Site ArcelorMittal
Rue de la cimenterie
L-1337 Luxembourg
+352 691 789 660


© Photo: Bamhaus

Claudia Eustergerling Design sàrl
abced – Start looking at things differently

Meet & Greet.
Presentation of the new label.
Portfolio show.

3, rue Nicolas van Werveke
L-2725 Luxembourg
+352 20 40 30 21


© Photo: Claudia Eustergerling

Julie Conrad Design Studio

Presentation and exchange around her products.

10, rue Sigismond
L-2537 Bonnevoie
+352 691 620 720


© Photo: Philippe Demart

deFact Studio
David Richiuso

Display and presentation of works ranging from graphic to interior design, all integrated into a short-lived dancing.
Production of a special DC 2016 vintage beer.

95, rue de Hollerich
L-1741 Luxembourg
+352 691 518 741

©Photo_Bohumil Kostohryz

© Photo: Bohumil Kostohryz

Christophe Peiffer, Marc Olinger, Carmelo Gatto

Display and presentation of works ranging from graphic to interior design, all integrated into a short-lived dancing.
Production of a special DC 2016 vintage beer.

95, rue de Hollerich
L-1741 Luxembourg
+325 26 19 03 24

art freak image

© george(s)

Fred Thouillot

Aperitif: drinks and talks about cultural branding and communication with a view.

25b, boulevard Royal
L-2449 Luxembourg
+352 26 20 28 28
+352 661 21 04 01


© Photo: ganduchy

Linda Dieschbourg, David Mourato

Invitation to discover the creative workspace of Linda and David place and discuss their ambitions, their creative research and future personal projects.
Apéro not to be missed from 6 pm.

81-83, rue Victor Hugo
L-4141 Esch-sur-Alzette


© Photo: Kinlake

Maison Moderne

Making magazine-covers with the guests (incl. photo-shooting).
Drinks + Food Truck + DJ.

10, rue des Gaulois
L-1618 Luxembourg
+352 20 70 70


© Maison Moderne

One place, 6 designers: Fineline Interior Design / Denise Ryan, Moons Webdesign Studio / Irina Moons, Pretty Forest Design + Illustration / Linda Bos, Helloworld / Lucie Cahu, Raquel Devillé – Web Design Studio, Central Intelligence (Design) Agency / Executive office: Runa Egilsdottir

Created in 2015, Nyuko’s goal is to allow Luxembourg ‘Start-up Nation’ to become a global player in the world of innovation. Nyuko wants to lay the foundations for a society that values curiosity and is not afraid of taking risks, a society that encourages free and original thinking. To Nyuko, innovation & creation are first and foremost a state of mind.

121, rue de Hollerich
L-1741 Luxembourg
+352 28 84 08 1


© Photo: Nyuko

Raoul Gross Design Studio (RGDS)

Discover the world of a ‘product’ designer. Portfolio, documentation and prototypes to imagine all the creative steps to complete a project from the first concept to the final product.

115a, rue Émile Mark
L-4620 Differdange
Atelier Nr 122
+352 661 140 387


© Photo: RGDS

Studio Polenta

Tour of the different design projects created these past two years.
Polenta Bar open.

57, rue de la Tour Jacob
L-1831 Luxembourg
+352 28 77 74 27


© Photo: Studio Polenta

Vol(t)age Boutique – Atelier
See the silver lining – Be Vol(t)age

Claudie Grisius and Carmen Estrada-Gutierrez invite you to discover their workshop and one of their flagship exhibits: the Raincoat in a bag!
Animation around the Raincoat in a bag.

26, rue Michel Welter
L-2730 Luxembourg
+352 26 18 75 79


© Photo: Christian Aschman

Project partner