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28.04.2016 - 12.06.2016

Opening of the exhibition and Design City 2016: 27.04.2016, 5.30pm

Curators: Gilles Gardula, Anouk Wies

Featuring works by: Charles Baudouin, Koen Cloostermans, Mett Hoffmann, Joy Hoffmann, Isabelle Mattern, Irina Moons, Sarah Meyers & Laura Fügmann, Lynn Harles, Olaf Recht, Jean-Paul Carvalho, Lynn Schammel

@ Cercle Cité:

In progress and Cercle Cité will present Local craft meets design, an initiative that will highlight the symbiosis between designers and manufacturers. It will introduce the professional world of design to the public, and at the same time it aims to raise awareness of Luxembourg’s artisanal world.

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Mett Hoffmann, Tom Di Maggio, Purple Monkey Visual Creations, Sarah Meyers & Laura Fügmann, Olaf Recht © Photo: in progress


Un-programmed visits by the participating designers during the opening weekend.

Happy Mistakes
Workshop for young people to stimulate creativity, co-creation and Design Thinking
With Koen Cloosterman
14.05.2016 2pm & 4pm (LU)
04.06.2016 2pm & 4pm (EN)
Age: 12-20
Free on registration:
The aim of the workshop is to nurture the innovation potential of our future generations. This is achieved by stimulating creativity and co-creation behaviour. Design Thinking methods are learned in a hands-on and playful way. The workshop is for young people. The challenges and approaches are adapted to the different age-groups.
PARTICIPANT OUTCOMES: They will have experienced key elements as empathy toundertand problems, human centered design, they will be more confident in their creative ability.
They will have learned a method to be co-creative in a playful way and building upon each other ideas, they will have learned to prototyping in order to fail often in thebeginning to be more successful at the end, communicate visually, they will have learned to present their achievement in public.

An inclusive and participative board-game in the public space
With Lynn Schammel
21.05.2016 2pm & 4pm (SL & EN)
Age: for adults
Free on registration:
Multypoly is a board-game concept that demonstrates the values of co-operation and the importance of accepting cultural differences on actual topics. Today’s multicultural Luxembourg is facing challenges on cultural identity, diversity and an ageing population. The game aims to spread the spirit of social inclusion and cultural understanding among the general public.
The topic of this Multypoly session is about Design and Inclusion. During the workshop we will trigger visitors and passengers with specific design tools such as questionnaires and quizzes.
Playing the game enables the players to step into the shoes of someone else and understand from a personal viewpoint the motivation and life goals of other people. This game aims at helping a wider public to adopt a more tolerant attitude towards differences in their everyday life.

Lampion Workshop
With Mett Hoffmann
21 & 22.05.2016 3pm & 5pm (FR, DE, EN)
For children and adults
Free, no registration required
The workshop enables children, teens and adults to participate in the free creation of a paper lantern. They have the choice to build this following instructions or allow themselves to be inspired by their own creativity.

Conference “Giulio Iacchetti”
07.05.2016 11am (FR, IT)
Open entry in the limits of places available
Ratskeller – rue du curé
Giulio Iacchetti is an industrial designer. He lives and works in Milan. Since 1992 he multiplies collaborations with major Italian houses such as Abet Laminati, Alessi, Danese, Fontana Arte, Foscarini, Magis, Meritalia, Moleskine… In May 2009, the Triennale hosts his first monographic exhibition Oggetti disobbedienti – Objets désobéissants. His work was awarded with two “Compasso D’Oro” in 2001 and in 2014.
In collaboration with: galerie Lucien Schweitzer

Conference “Secret Designer”
01.06.2016 7pm
Auditorium Henri Beck – 2 rue Genistre L-1623 Luxembourg
In collaboration with Design Luxembourg asbl
Free entrance within the limit of available places
Three designers rewarded during the Luxembourg Design Awards 2015 will share with the audience the secrets of their projects success.
Digital Design – Elfie Pins
Product Design – Julie Conrad
Design Management – Jan Glas
Corporate Design – Vidale Silvano

Jean-Paul Carvalho
Inspired by traditional industrial lamps, Jean-Paul Carvalho’s ‘sensory’ lamp offers three different light sources which can adapt to any kind of situation. It is able to detect movement, and lights up when you brush against it. The indirect lighting at the back provides a soft glow, while the top of the lamp produces a comfortable light for reading or working.

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Irina Moons
The majority of local producers don’t have sufficient visibility to reach their target markets because they don’t have the means to communicate effectively in such a competitive environment. Francesco, a project by Irina Moons, aims to shake things up a bit by giving Luxembourgish producers the opportunity to present their quality products and ways of life to the public.


Mett Hoffmann
The Lampignon kit was designed for enthusiasts who like tinkering – both young and old alike. With materials that light up and that can be combined in infinite ways, everyone can build so-called ‘lampions’ – Chinese lanterns. There are no limits to your creativity, even if you are an experienced tinker. Amateurs can use instructions to build their lanterns. This project is a collaboration between the ‘lampion’ creators: from the ‘atelier protégé’ Coopérations and the Nuit des Lampions Wiltz.


Olaf Recht
With a background in consumer and medical design, also interface and design strategy, Olaf Recht expanded his horizons on discovering the field of interior design. In his first journey into the world of furniture design and construction, Recht designed armchairs with a wooden exoskeleton and an internal support structure for the upholstery.


Sarah Meyers & Laura Fügmann
Couleurs-sur-Sûre is a collection of blankets developed by the design studio Meyers & Fügmann in close collaboration with the Duchfabrik of the Upper Sûre Nature Park. The blankets are made from regional wool which was dyed with mostly local plants and woven in the facilities of the Duchfabrik.


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