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27.04.2016 - 22.05.2016

Design City 2016 is also about the value of design within the world of commerce. During the biennial, a number of retailers and shops will exhibit and sell their design products, including furniture, decoration and accessories.

Participants: BeckStreetFive, Boutique Lucien Schweitzer, Lucien Schweitzer – Galerie & Éditions, Brakonier, Burotrend, Carrérouge, Casa Nova Contemporain, Firstfloor, Galerie Bijouterie Jungblut, Inside home & tailor, Mobilier Bonn, Ralph Weis Opticien, Reedandsimon, Smets Premium Store, Tapis Hertz, Vol(t)age Boutique – Atelier

5, rue Beck
L-1222 Luxembourg
+ 352 48 25 68 55
Monday, 2pm-6pm; Tuesday to Saturday, 9am-Noon, 1pm-6pm

Boutique Lucien Schweitzer
16a, avenue de la Liberté
L-1930 Luxembourg
+ 352 23 616 21
Monday to Saturday, 10am-6pm

Lucien Schweitzer – Galerie & Éditions
4, rue des Joncs – Bâtiment 10
L-1818 Howald
+ 352 23 616 1
Tuesday to Saturday, 10am-5pm, or by appointment

Exhibition: Internoitaliano
Lucien Schweitzer presents the young design editor Internoitaliano, a company conceived and directed by the Italian designer Giulio Iacchetti. Internoitaliano realizes furniture and items inspired by the Italian lifestyle and produced entirely on the peninsula. It is this link with craftsmanship that Lucien Schweitzer wants to emphasize. This is why the exhibition is held in the gallery and workshops recently set up at Howald. Some pieces will also be visible at the store situated at 16a, avenue de la Liberté.
06.05.2016 – 04.06.2016
Opening: 06.05.2016 from 6pm


16a, rue Gabriel Lippmann
L-1943 Luxembourg
+ 352 27 36 53 43
Monday to Friday, 8am-6pm, or by appointment

Exhibition: Nomad Kitchen
Showroom, table by Lukas Redwitz, Barcube Deluxe, kitchen and material-library


5, rue de l’Église
L-1458 Luxembourg-Hollerich
+ 352 48 25 68 1
Monday to Friday, 8pm-Noon, 1pm-6pm

119, rue de Hollerich
L-1741 Luxembourg
+352 48 62 78 1
Tuesday to Friday, 9am-Noon, 1pm-6pm; Saturday, 9am-6pm

Facade Carrerouge 4

Casa Nova Contemporain
26, avenue de la Porte-Neuve
L-2227 Luxembourg
+352 22 26 27
Monday, 1pm-6.30pm; Tuesday to Saturday, 9.30am-6.30pm

Centre commercial Laangwiss II
7, rue Nicolas Glesener
L-6131 Junglinster
+352 26 78 28 88
Monday to Friday, 10am-7pm; Saturday, 10am-6pm

Exhibition: Setting the elegance by Moroso
When contemporary design meets haute couture fabrics.
Aperitif and presentation on Thursday 19.05.2016 from 5pm.
In collaboration with and at House 17
17, rue du Nord
L-2229 Luxembourg


Galerie Bijouterie Jungblut
7, rue de la Boucherie
L-1247 Luxembourg
Tuesday to Friday, 10am-6.30pm; Saturday, 10am-6pm

Exhibition: Du rectangle blanc au point rouge
The birth of a jewel, from the white page to winning the famous “Best of the Best” Red Dot Award 2014 for the “Topia” collection by designer Nina Friesleben for the Niessing manufacture.


Inside home & tailor
16, côte d’Eich
L-1450 Luxembourg
+352 26 18 80 90
Tuesday to Saturday, 10am-6pm

The showroom Inside home & tailor guides you through its exhibition of emblematic objects from Luxembourg, Belgian and Dutch designers.

Mobilier Bonn
9, rue Philippe II
L-2340 Luxembourg
+352 22 32 01
Monday, 1pm-6pm; Tuesday to Saturday, 10am-6pm

Exhibition: Unibody Lamp
The design bureau Kianpour & Partners introduced its latest creation, the Unibody Lamp, in the Grand Duchy. Modern and timeless, this dimmable luminaire is available in various combinations of body and cable colours.
On the occasion of the 2016 Design City edition, Mobilier Bonn began to present the object to its clients in support of the Luxembourg design community.


Ralph Weis Opticien
11, avenue de la Porte-Neuve
L-2227 Luxembourg
+352 22 82 12

14, rue Louvigny
L-1946 Luxembourg
+352 46 28 33

Monday to Saturday, 10am-6pm

Barton Perreira, Cutler & Gross, Dita, Reiz… are just a few of the exclusive brands sold by this out of the ordinary optician.


7a, rue de Bitbourg, ZI Hamm
L-1273 Luxembourg
+352 27 04 30 1
Monday to Friday, 8.30am-Noon, 1pm-5.30pm; Saturday, 10am-5pm

Exhibition: Meet the Eames!
See, touch and try a large choice of furniture design classics from the 1950s up to contemporary designs.


Smets Premium Store
262, route d’Arlon
L-8010 Strassen
+352 31 07 71 240
Monday to Saturday, 10.30am-7pm

Exhibition: Sacha Lakic x Smets
For Design City 2016, Smets shows a temporary exhibition of Sacha Lakic’s work. Confirmed designer, master of movement, he is one of the few designers able to fluently pass from one universe to another. An occasion to discover or rediscover his iconic creations: Bubble couch and pouffe, Edito and Badiane archairs, Grand Voile lamp, Offset shelf, as well as his famous Voxan Black Magic and Blacktrack BT-01 motorbikes.
Opening 04.05.2016 from 6pm to 8pm.


Tapis Hertz
44, Grand-Rue
L-1660 Luxembourg
+352 22 73 27
Monday, Noon-6.30pm; Tuesday to Friday, 9am-6.30pm; Saturday, 9.15am-6pm

Exhibition: Jan Kath – Erased Heritage & Artwork
From now on, it is possible to be cool with no cold feet. Jan Kath (born in 1972) completely dusted the carpet universe with his resolutely modern creations. Born in Bochum (Germany), he has allowed himself without any complex to combine traditional elements of Oriental rugs with a contemporary, minimalist design.
Cocktail 28.04.2016 from 6pm to 10pm in the presence of the creator Jan Kath.

Erased Heritage, Jan Kath, Rug Art

Vol(t)age Boutique – Atelier
26, rue Michel Welter
L-2730 Luxembourg
+352 26 18 75 79
Monday & Saturday, 2pm-6pm; Tuesday to Friday, 11am-6pm

The brand vol(t)age is a personal project of passion for the two founding sisters. Their label launched in 2011 with the “v-neck”, a big triangular patchwork scarf.