13/04/2012 – 03/06/2012

Design City is above all concerned with design for its contribution to the quality of life (a decisive factor in the location of companies but also an important element of differentiation and tourist attraction) and aims to encourage the participation of designers in the development of the city, to stimulate efforts related to the quality of design amongst promoters (both public and private) whose projects define and influence our built environment, whilst serving as a showcase for experimentation and the promotion of designers from here and elsewhere.

For Design City 2012, following the experience of the first edition, it seems important to us to re-use the “formulae” which worked well in 2010 whilst refining them by adding a deeper, more scientific analysis.

Design City 2012 therefore presents a series of exhibitions in different places including public space, Carré Rotondes and Mudam Luxembourg, accompanied by a Symposium by Luxembourg designer Sophie Krier, who lives and works in Rotterdam where she has already developed numerous projects and workshops about design. This symposium replaces the series of conferences offered in 2010.

A “sound design” project based on sound mapping the City of Luxembourg will be developed with the musician Fabio Orsi and the music section of the Diekirch Classical High School.

The now annual ‘‘Designers’ Market’’, which promotes local designers and creators along with those from the Greater Region, will be held in May 2012.

3RS Ar(t)chitectures: Designmaart, 2010. Centre Aldringen Luxembourg. Exhibition design by 3RS architects. Production Mudam Luxembourg and City of Luxembourg. With the support of Prefalux © Photo: Andrés Lejona


“Design City – Edition 0 by Mudam’’ established some fundamental principles in terms of integrating design into the daily life of citizens and was a great success both with art lovers and regular city goers.

Responses via the blog especially created for the occasion, along with commentaries about social networks (but also establishing contact with diverse organisations in order to encourage this initiative), proved that such a project could be part of a long-term process of reflection.

Edition 2010 also asked questions about the will of Luxembourg to project itself and become a creative city and thus vary its offer in order to provide citizens, tourists and retailers with a complete and intense experience.

Sebastien Wierinck: OS18, 2010. Venue: Several places of the City of Luxembourg . Production Mudam Luxembourg © Photo: Andrés Lejona

3RS ar(t)chitectures © Photo: Andres Lejona

As for the the pieces exhibited in 2010:

The pink plinths and sign balloons conceived by 3RS were used in the “Rock A Field” festival with the Skystation during one weekend. The plinths were then installed in the Skatepark of Dudelange City.

The Skystation, which in the meantime has been included into Mudam Collection, can be seen on permanent exhibition on Boulevard Roosevelt (by agreement with the City of Luxembourg).

The virtual Sweepers Clock by Maarten Baas has also been added to Mudam Collection.

The Softbench benches by Lucile Soufflet spent some time at the Centre Pompidou Metz for the exhibition “Imagine Now” between 1st and 4th July 2010.

The Ondine benches by Michael Bihain were the subject of a project proposed by the DRAC Lorraine – Ministry of Culture and Communication for a new school in Lorraine.

As for Sébastien Wierinck, with his famous mauve ductwork benches, he won a commission to present 3 benches in public space in the Hague as well as the conception of the bar/lounge for the TODAYSART Festival 2010.

Peter Newman in collaboration with Futurecity: Skystation, 2009. Venue: Boulevard Roosevelt (opposite Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain). Production Mudam Luxembourg. Courtesy Futurecity © Photo: Andrés Lejona

Maarten Baas: Sweepers Clock, 2009. Night screening on the façade of the MNHA Luxembourg. Courtesy Studio Maarten Baas © Photo: Andrés Lejona

Michael Bihain & Cédric Callewaert: Ondine, 2007. Venue: Kinnekswiss (Park of the City of Luxembourg). Courtesy Tôlerie Forézienne © Photo: Andrés Lejona

Lucile Soufflet: Soft Bench, 2009. Venue: Grand-Rue (Roude Petz). Courtesy Tôlerie Forézienne © Photo: Andrés Lejona


The first edition of Design City is difficult to evaluate in terms of the number of visitors due to the numerous interventions in public space.

Nevertheless, the inauguration and the opening weekend, devoted to the “Designmart” at the Centre Aldringen, were frequented by 1.800 people (from Friday evening to Sunday evening).

The “Designers’ Market” at Mudam attracted 1.214 people, which represents an increase of 40% in visitors when compared with a regular weekend at the museum.

The conferences attracted design enthusiasts with an average attendance of 50 people per week.

Designmaart 24/04 & 25/04/20103RS ar(t)chitectures © Photo: Andres Lejona