13.4.2012 > 13.5.2012

The INDEX: Award Exhibition demonstrates the scope of the field of design and its great potential.

This is reflected in the five INDEX: categories of Body, Home, Work, Play and Community, encompassing everything from a single person’s physical experience to comprehensive initiatives in society.

The exhibited designs challenge the traditional concepts and stereotypes of design and highlight the complexity of the design field, demonstrating very different solutions to problems such as HIV/AIDS, scarcity of drinking water, and carbon emissions.

Created in Denmark and selected by an international jury, the INDEX: Award is given to designers from around the world who, through their work, have contributed to improve the quality of life. Indeed it is this particular aspect which distinguishes Index: Award from other design awards. And this role has grown thanks to a precious network of committed people and thinkers active in the field of design that Index has brought together via partner cities throughout the world.

5 categories including the body, the home, work, play and the community allow 5 winners to each take away a prize of 100.000€.

The jury is composed of major figures from the world of design (including Mikal Hallstrup, co-founder of Designit, Nille Juul Sørensen, managing director of the Danish Design Centre, Hella Jongerius, managing director of JongerisLab, John Heskett, professor at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Paola Antonelli, curator of the design and architecture departments at MoMA in New York) who meet every two years in order to evaluate propositions by international designers. What influences the jury’s decision is above all the faculty of the projects to improve everyday life, solve problems and find solutions. To decide between the candidates, 3 parameters are in play : form, impact and context.

The Index: Award exhibition brings together the 60 projects by the competition finalists in structures conceived by two architects: the American Greg Lynn and the Dane Christian Ditlev Bruun.

For Design City 2012, the City of Luxembourg is hosting 3 of these structures in public space. 22 projects will therefore be exhibited from 12.4 to 13.5.2012 in the display cases of these impressive stands and will show a selection from the 5 categories already mentioned, including the Hövding project by designers Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin, winners of the ‘‘Play’’category. Also on display will be the ‘‘Body’’ section winners (with the project ‘‘Imbrace infant warmer’’ by Linus Liang, Naganand Murty, Rahul Panicker and Jane Chen) and the ‘‘Home’’ section for which Mexican designers designed housing units by revamping the compositions of South American favelas. Other established designers such as Yves Behar are participating for the second time in the Index award, this time with the ‘‘Clever little bag’’ shoe packaging for Puma.

Rising figures in design such as the Formafantasma studio (Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin) propose celebrating the simplicity and sobriety of everyday life with the ‘‘Autarchy’’ project.

All these projects highlight the dynamism of the world of design and provide a glimpse of the transversality of the discipline.

Photos: View of the exhibition Design City 2012. Index: Award. Free-standing structures by architect Greg Lynn. Courtesy INDEX: Design to Improve Life © Jessica Theis



Luxembourg City Center