RELEASE DATE 19.5.2012

For the production of the sound cartography Postcards From Luxembourg – a sound map of the City, pupils from section F of Lycée Classique in Diekirch (along with their teachers Christophe Nanquette and Claude Moyen) collaborated with musician Fabio Orsi. Mostly known for his experiments with field recordings in several European cities, he added his experience to this site-specific project which falls within the framework of Design City 2012. For one week, they visited different districts of the City of Luxembourg to record the sounds, noises and general atmosphere of each place. The CD is presented in a package designed by the A | Part agency and includes photos of the city in the form of postcards and 1000 copies will be available for the public to discover during the “Marché des créateurs” on 19 and 20 May at Mudam. The CD retraces the excursion and can be listened to as a suite of pieces of music which plunges you into the heart of these districts. You just need to close your eyes for the journey to begin.

About the CD:

16 tracks. 61,24 minutes. 500 copies.

Price 15€

Available at Mudam Boutique (3, Park Dräi Eechelen, L-1499 Luxembourg) and Capsule (31, Rue Phillipe, L-1680 Luxembourg)

All sounds recorded by the students of section F of Lycée Classique in Diekirch and by Fabio Orsi

Editing and mastering by Fabio Orsi

Thanks to: MUDAM team

Special thanks to: Christophe Nanquette and Sybille Plein, Robert Bohnert, Paolo Travelli and Paola Cairo, Claude Moyen, Dan Neven and the students Jeff Agnes, Pit Brosius, Conny Faber, Paul Lallemand, Jill Schmitz, Véronique Wagener

Original concept by Fabio Orsi

© All rights reserved

About/From Fabio Orsi:

“The workshop aims to explore, through the knowledge of some techniques of digital stereo recording, the sound universe belonging to places. The characterization of ambient sounds and its relative path focuses on the theme of sound mapping, as a mean of social, cultural identity and as an expression of conscience and personal feelings. If it is true that sounds have always characterized the environments, it is also true that they have a cosmic entity capable of detecting different shades. The idea in fact starts from the merging between external and internal, between inside and outside, between what gives a sound its characteristic features in a specific place, and all that a field recording can reveal to the hearing.”

Fabio Orsi is an electronic musician from Taranto (Southern Italy) specialising in atmospheric drone. He is a young and talented composer recently revealed in a series of publications received by an enthusiastic chorus of critical approval. In his compositions the languages of popular tradition meet the avantgarde approach, creating an original and charm mix.

Fabio Orsi has consolidated his reputation as a key figure of the international nu-folk electronica underground with a bewildering yet fascinating series of solo works and collaborations dominated by psychedelically flavoured soundscapes. Orsi creates atmospheric audio postcards with a tangible sense of time and place, utilizing layers of guitars, old keyboards and found sounds, having a keen attention to details, loops develop so naturally that it’s almost impossible to notice when certain sounds are brought in and out. Electronic sounds meets the humoral sonorities made by the six chords, projecting enchanted landscapes on a vibrant horizon, with an intimate sensibility, abstract and emotional, deep and dreamy melodies, Orsi Structures pieces of crystalline beauty and his music sounds like the shout of revolt of a young guy in the south of Italy, who starting from poetry, has then chosen music as the most effective way to his vent of expression, hypnotic and seductive. His works are out for many different labels around in the world, A silent Place (Ita), Last Visible Dog (Usa), Digitalis Industries (Usa), Preservation (Australia), Porter Records(Usa), Low Point(Uk), Root Don Lonie (Nz), Ruralfaune (France) and many others

© Photos: Fabio Orsi

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