Sketch by Sophie Krier, based on conversations that took place during the research for the symposium.


Leading questions of the day include: which added value can design thinking bring to Luxembourg’s business, education and culture?

What’s going on in the contemporary, international design field and what can the Luxembourgish field learn from these developments? How is design currently being perceived and applied across the country? How can Luxembourg’s enterprises and designers foster a design culture of international relevance? Which roles can design and its stakeholders (policy makers, educators, designers, enterprises, citizens) take on in order to enhance the service economy and make it sustainable?

The format of the symposium is geared at addressing both, the economic and the cultural sector of Luxembourg, in order to bridge their respective interests. The programme is designed to attract two groups of people at the same time: culturally minded and business-minded persons. Both will be given the opportunity to experience design as an integral part of society: indeed, the guiding idea behind the symposium is the integration of design in all levels of our society, through accurate responses to actual needs.

The symposium looks at design in an inclusive way that goes beyond disciplines: “It is not about the world of design, but the design of the world.” (John Thackara)

While the morning has a visionary focus, the afternoon has a more hands-on character, with best practices and participative expert session. As such, the day conveys the principle of design thinking: bridging thinking with making, expert sessions and strategic innovation with an open, creative mind-set.

The target audience of the symposium includes independent designers, CEOs and designers of SMEs and large enterprises, policy makers and mediators in the field of design at large.

April 27, 2012
8.00 › 17.30


Mudam Luxembourg
3, Park Dräi Eechelen
L-1499 Luxembourg

€ 40 (professionals)
€ 15 (students)
Lunch & Drinks included

Registration – info
Online Registration Form
+352 45 37 85 535

Booking is essential due to limited seating. Turn me on – Design hits on Luxembourg will take place in the Mudam Auditorium and will be open only to registered participants. All talks will be held in English. Program subject to modification.

Venue / MUDAM Auditorium
Language / English

8am - Doors open, coffee & tea, registration
Screening of Design Talks

9am - Welcome
by Enrico Lunghi - Director of Mudam (L) and Tracy Metz (USA/NL), day moderator

9.05am - Opening interview with Octavie Modert
Minister of Culture

9.15am - Opening speech by Robert Dennewald
President of Fedil – Business Federation Luxembourg

9.30am - How to make the most of Luxembourg’s diversity
Keynote lecture by Charles Landry – strategic thinker, researcher and author (UK)

10.15am - Coffee break

10.30am - Design is just business
Expert panel moderated by Hans Venhuizen (NL), with introductory statements by Mustafa Tazeoglu - Urban Rhizome (D), Bob Krieps - Director at the Ministry of Culture (L), Lucienne Blessing Vice-President for research, University of Luxembourg (L), Anna Bernagozzi - Design consultant and theorist (F)

Co-panelist: Robert Dennewald (L)

11.30am - Beyond Co-creation
Anna Bernagozzi - design consultant and theorist (F)

11.50am - Field Essay: Where do I end and where do you begin
Experiential interlude by Sophie Krier - designer, researcher and conference curator (L/B)

12.00 - Lunch break, screening Design Talks
Lunch bag by Julie Rothhahn

1.30pm - The new landscape of work
Keynote lecture by Jurgen Bey - Studio Makkink & Bey – designer, director of MA Sandberg Institute Amsterdam (NL)

2.05pm - Design and industry
Keynote lecture by Sebastian Bergne - Industrial designer (UK).

2.40pm - Introduction of the parallel expert sessions by Tracy Metz & Hans Venhuizen, Anna Bernagozzi, and Sebastian Bergne

2.45pm - Parallel Expert Sessions

Session 1. Design (your) society
Expert session about putting the concept of creative industries into practice.
Led by Hans Venhuizen & Mustafa Tazeoglu, with Jean-Paul Carvalho - Mellem, Lucienne Blessing, Mike Koedinger - Maison Moderne

Session 2. Design and industry: Making things work
Expert session about integrating design into a business or organisation.
Led by Sebastian Bergne & Jackie Moulin - Groupe SEB. With Jan Glas - Luxinnovation, Frank Steffen Steffen, Sam Calmes - IEE, Gilles Gardula Gardula Constructions Métalliques, Norbert Brakonier – Norbert Brakonier, Spaces & Furniture

Session 3. Co-creation: Why? How? When?
Expert session about embedding co-creation into a process. Led by Anna Bernagozzi. With Silvano Vidale - Vidale Gloesener, Stéphanie Rollin - Super–ette, Pat Zimmer, Chantal Koelsch 3born Art, Valérie Masset - Gold & Wood

4.15pm - Coffee break

4.45pm - Closing words, Tracy Metz with speakers and participants
Visual mind map by students of the Animation Department of the Lycée Technique des Arts et Métiers.

5.15pm - Drinks
Turn Me On tune by Benoît Martiny and Rico Querin
Optional guided tour of the exhibition Transversal Design.

“We cannot grow in height indefinitely, but we can grow in depth, by growing roots.” Mustafa Tazeoglu & Christine Bleks – Urban Rhizome


“Once a vision is shared, it gains in value.” Anna Bernagozzi

COCOTTE designed by Sebastian Bergne as part of the eight piece Natura cooking device range. It is made from 100% recycled aluminium, coated in Prométal protective top coat and packaged in recycled card printed with vegetable inks. Manufactured by Tefal SA.

“Design is about structure and ideas.” Sebastian Bergne

The Expert Sessions explore three themes related to contemporary design: design (your) society, design management and industry, and co-creation and social networking.

The sessions are conceived as part master class, part workshop to allow the participants to take in new knowledge but also test and share the presented ideas and notions in relation to their own business or practice. All sessions include local experts and enterprises in order to anchor the discussions in the local dynamics.

Expert Session 1. Design (your) society

This first session focuses on the subject of the morning: What are the next steps to foster creative industries in Luxembourg? Should the focus go to the hardware and infrastructure or to the programme? Participants will reflect on how to put creative entrepreneurship in practice, and this at the scale of an individual, an organisation and an entire culture.

This session welcomes designers, policy makers, enterprises and educators. Moderated by Hans Venhuizen and Mustafa Tazeoglu (D) and assisted by architect and designer Jean Paul Carvalho (L) with vice-president for research, University of Luxembourg, Lucienne Blessing (L) and publisher, producer of Colophon (international symposium on magazine culture) and director of Maison Moderne, Mike Koedinger (L).

Expert Session 2. Design and industry: Making things work

The second session will be about integrating design into a business or organisation. It will address important questions such as: what does design have to offer? What is design management and how can design create value for a company? How to choose a designer to work with? Where does design management start and where does it end? Where can it go wrong? What does a designer need from the company and vice-versa?

The target audience for this session is CEOs or SMEs who are intrigued by design and want to experience/learn what it means and how to use it as well as design responsible people within enterprises and designers. Moderated by Sebastian Bergne (UK) with industrial designer, Jackie Moulin, Groupe SEB (L/F) and assisted by designer Jan Glas, Luxinnovation (L). Featuring contributions by Luxembourg based enterprises Steffen, IEE, NBR (Norbert Brakonier) and Gardula Constructions Métalliques.

Expert Session 3. Co-creation: Why? How? When?

The third session will explore the emerging principles of co-creation and social networking and will first present different scenarios of co-creation. Who is your network? Who are potential stakeholders of a design project and how can they contribute to the creation, production and dissemination of a “common design”? How can the social use of a product inform and inspire the next iterations? Why engage in a co-creation process, at which point, and with what level of intensity?

This session will give participants (designers, enterprises) insight into the dynamics of co-creation processes, and provide tools to apply this approach within one’s own organisation while considering the essential element of scale. Moderated by design theorist Anna Bernagozzi (F) and assisted by Silvano Vidale (L). Featuring Luxembourg based enterprises Super-ette, Gold & Wood and non profit organization 3born Art.

Finally, a closing words panel will gather speakers and participants of the day on stage in an effort to highlight the lessons of the day. Animation students of the Lycée Technique des Arts et Métiers will showcase their on site illustrations of the day.

“The energies of individuals and companies can be brought into alignment with their global responsibilities, provided the right connections and decisions are made.” Charles Landry

“Everything is a skill. If we can revalorise and contextualise today’s skills, we can develop a new grammar and ethic of work.” Jurgen Bey

EAR CHAIR (2002) was originally designed by Studio Makkink & Bey for the reception-room of Interpolis, an indemnity insurance company. The design formed the beginning of an ongoing research on the changing landscape of work: the ethics of work are re-imagined from a cultural perspective.


The day will include screenings of best practices, produced by Luxinnovation, that will address the value of design in three enterprises: NBR (Norbert Brakonier), Gardula Constructions Métalliques, and Steffen. Also, an informal collection of statements from ad hoc practitioners of and around the design sector, entitled Design Talks, will be screened.

The lunch bag is a proposal from food designer Julie Rothhahn. A special “Turn Me On” tune composed by Benoît Martiny & Rico Querin will punctuate the rhythm of the day.


With the support of
Novotel Luxembourg Kirchberg